The Viennese street names not only serve as orientation in the street network, but they also tell stories and describe the character of the city.

The narrow Hafnersteig leads to the center of the “Fleischmarkt”. It was mentioned for the first time in 1220. …

Vienna is the greenest model city in the world and occupies 1st place in the city ranking of the “greenest” metropolises. The list made by “Resonance Consultancy”, a consultancy group for real estate, tourism, and economic development based in Vancouver and New York, placed Vienna at the top.

The Augarten, the oldest baroque park in Vienna, is re-opened. No, it’s not 1775, it’s 2020, but due to the restrictions on freedom of movement, it was closed for almost one month. Meanwhile, Viennese can walk again in the green space in the middle of Vienna.

Flak turms in Augarten park in Vienna

The origins of the…

Mirko Postolovski

Licensed Tourist Guide, Austria Guide, Staatlich geprüfter Fremdenführer.

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